156 Hot Water Canada to Cold Water Japan

SBJ, Travis, and Will talk about the best selling game in Japan. We talk about both Pokémon Shuffle and Hoopa. We also touch on Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire again. Finally we have another go at our Item of the Week from pokemoncenter.com.

155 Hoenn to the New Year

SBJ, Micah, and Will talk about a ton of Pokémon news regarding a new GameFreak game, Pokémon TCG cards, the Pokémon World Tournament for 2015 in Boston and more. We also give impressions and problems about Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. We also introduce a new segment called item of the week! Please note we used about 2 mins of audio from Polygon's Quality Control podcast (Nov 20, 2014) in our second half of the show.