130 Pokémon Bank, Hoopla, Hoopa

In this episode of "It's Super Effective"... SBJ, Will, and David talk about the Nintendo eShop going down. We talk about the delay of Pokémon Bank due to this cause. We also go in depth with our picks for the #Kalos10, as well as, talk about 3 new Pokémon that were discovered by reserve engineering of Pokémon X and Y. We finish off with some speculation of 2014 and our Pokémon of the week! Also, check out our sponsor - Foot Cardigan!

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129 Pokémon Bank, Christmas, Short Shorts

In this Christmas special, SBJ, Andrew, Will, and our guest Meghan talk about some Pokémon news ranging from the XY Anime to Pokémon Bank. We also talk about our Christmas wishes from Nintendo and the Pokémon Company. Finally we end with our Santa-like Pokémon of the week. Please give our sponsor, footcardigan.com a chance too! Listen for our exclusive promo code!

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128 Battle, Feet, Dark Void

Travis is hosting this episode of ISE with his fellow guests. In this episode we talk about competitive battling in Gen VI and rule changes. We also cover a Pokémon of the Week. We'd like to thank our sponsor, Foot Cardigan! footcardigan.com Check them out too!

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127 Giovanni, Origins, Organs

This episode is dedicated to Pokémon Origins. SBJ and Will talk about all four episodes from Red and Blue to Charizard and Giovanni. We talk in depth about how Cubone's mother dies, capturing Mewtwo, and completing the PokéDex. We also talk about some news regarding movies, the 2DS, and the new FireRed/LeafGreen soundtrack in iTunes!

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126 Goodra, Aegislash, Competitive Pokémon

SBJ, Kent, Travis, and Will talk about the best competitive Pokémon to uses now that Gen VI is upon us. We go from Goodra to Aegislash to Talonflame and more! We talk about the new Mega EX Pokémon announced, Pokémon Origins, an interview with Masuda, and the Nintendo 2DS. We also talk a bit about the Battle City Kickstarter. New artwork, new music, but more importantly - a new awesome show for you guys! #PokemonXY

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125 Kalos, Nationals, PokéDex

In this episode of "It's Super Effective"... SBJ, Kenny, Travis, and Will talk about their favorite Gym Leaders in the Kalos region. We also go over our least favorite Pokémon from X and Y and our favorite types. We also talk about 2014 Nationals, Mega Venasaur EX in the TCG, and Pokémon Origins. #PokemonXY

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124 Pokémon XY, Rivals, First Impressions

 In this episode... SBJ, Travis, Will, and (special guest) Kyle talk about their first impressions of Pokémon XY. We talk about our thoughts on Generation VI. We talk about our favorite new Pokémon in the Kalos region. We talk some news regarding glitches and bad eggs and the patch that Nintendo sent out. We cover a lit of Legendary Treasures, but mostly we talk about how different Gen VI is compared to past. Enjoy! (98% Spoiler Free)

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123 Mega Charizard X, Slurpuff, Launch Time

SPOILER FREE. We only talk about news off of Pokemon.com and off the @Pokemon Twitter and Facebook - which means - we are talking about Mega Charizard X. We also talk about Pokémon Origins, but only our initial thoughts, spoiler free (except for after the credits). Finally we cover some news regarding Slurpuff and Aromatisse and some other stuff. Enjoy!

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122 Pokémon Origins, Doublade, Fairy Dust

SBJ, Travis, and Will talk about Pokemon Origins, Pokemon TV, the Pokémon TCG, X and Y Rumors, and more! We also talk about off topic subjects like Digimon, My Little Pony, Fish, Apple, Servers, and Vangaurd. Enjoy!

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121 Quilladin, Braixen, Frogadier

SBJ, Andrew, and Saul talk about the new starter Pokémon evolutions, as well as, other newly annouced Pokémon in X and Y. We also go over some Pokémon TCG news, Battle City, Pokemon Rumble U, and GottaCatchEmAll.com. Enjoy!

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